Should we purchase 3D TELEVISION?

The release of the 3D TELEVISION innovation is not yet well-known amongst all. There are many concerns that require to be responded to and lots of people are wandering if 3D TV deserves purchasing. From the preliminary impressions, 3D TV wants to provide some sensational outcomes. But the programs stay rare and programs for the platform are not yet extensively readily available. So, should we hurry to buy 3D TV? Let’s discover a bit more and attend to some of the typical questions.

Is the 3D innovation really developed?

Yes, since it has been around for several years. For the case of understanding in easy terms, 3D images are shot by two different video cameras, one for the ideal eye and one for the left eye. During their broadcasting on screen, the brain assembles the two pieces of info together into one to form total 3D images. When watching 3D TV, the viewer really develops a feeling of being immersed in the action.

Should the audience use 3D glasses?

For the time being, yes. All makers are supplying 3D glasses that are implied to be utilized to enjoy the TELEVISION. However, the spectacles are heavy and furthermore irregular from one brand name to another. Toshiba, Sharp and Hitachi revealed prototypes of 3D screens without glasses, however, have not yet announced a release date.

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What programs do you see in 3D?

For the moment, there is not much. The UK satellite TELEVISION supplier Sky has begun broadcasting some channels for 3D, but this is reasonably little in the plan of things. The channel relayed essential football games throughout the world cup and continues to add more shows for 3D however we will require to wait a little bit longer prior to the mainstream channels are relayed in 3D.

Can we keep our old DVDs and video games?

Yes. 3D TVs are likewise capable of broadcasting images in 2D, so you put on t have to fret whether they will accept your existing collection of movies and games. On the other hand, to see the new Blu-ray topography, you require to buy an ideal reader, because the very first-generation devices do not read them. Same thing applies to consoles. The very first 3D computer game are not anticipated prior to the end of the year and only Sony has so far revealed an upgrade of its PS3 console this summertime to enable users to play 3D video games.

Should we fear negative results on health?

As going to the movie theater, it is not uncommon to experience tiredness, and even a headache when viewing 3D. The brain is having to reconstruct the stereoscopic images and it can be difficult in the long run, especially if the scenes are very choppy. Also note that 5–10% of individuals struggle with “stereo loss of sight”: they do not view the depth of images, even when wearing 3D glasses. In other words, they will not see the distinction between a standard TELEVISION and a 3D screen. It is therefore advisable to evaluate the process in-store before purchase.




I am a professional in engineering and passionate by the technology and digital marketing. I love natural science, gadgets and books.

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Sami Zo

Sami Zo

I am a professional in engineering and passionate by the technology and digital marketing. I love natural science, gadgets and books.

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