All About Engineering Item Advancement

All About Engineering Item Advancement

Engineering item advancement can be described in 4 steps, from idea generation to product design to developing your very first prototype and finally sending out the item to production.

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1. Sketches

The start phases of concept generation are constantly the untidy part of engineering product advancement. Developing a concept is essentially the simplest part. It will certainly not be the most costly part of item development however it will use up to 50% or more of the entire advancement time. Often described as the Fuzzy Front End, idea generation is rife with conceptualizing notes, hand sketches of the product, basic models, and if you are smart enough some preliminary CAD sketches. At the end of the idea generation phase, you review all of your ideas and evaluate them based upon which concepts you believe are workable.


When you have actually limited your products concepts, the next stage of the engineering product advancement cycle is the product design. In this highly competitive commercial industry, the initial industrial design of a product may be the only thing that will make it stand out for the possible developer. At this point an industrial designer is going to be your friend. They can take your idea and give it life, which will often lead to a full-size, 3D mock-up, a CAD rendering, and a commercial design control drawing.

Prototype: Photo de ThisIsEngineering provenant de Pexels

3. Prototype

By this step you have effectively wowed the designer and have actually chosen the item you are going to produce, so now it is time to make a functional model. Model development is everything about accuracy and precision. The execution of an innovative 3D CAD system is required and no matter how great the drawings are there will still be some mistakes made. Do not be amazed if you have to make more than one prototype to get all the bugs out.


Now that you have a successfully working prototype it is time to carry on to production. It can use up to 20 weeks for the tooling to be total to construct your product, but if you have exercised all, or a lot of, of the bugs with the model you should be all right. Getting the assistance of knowledgeable design makers to develop the master designs of all your parts will help decrease the time it takes before production can start too.

Final Thought

The four steps of Engineering Item developement are applicable for simple item from technical point of view. There is other important steps if the item is part of complecated project as Car, Aircraft or satelitte design. Structural analysis should be added. in addition of many iteration steps between design and analysis. To sucess your business, you should consider market analysis, costs and the competition analysis. Finaly, you should thinck about the marketing strategies.




I am a professional in engineering and passionate by the technology and digital marketing. I love natural science, gadgets and books.

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Sami Zo

Sami Zo

I am a professional in engineering and passionate by the technology and digital marketing. I love natural science, gadgets and books.

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